Tuesday, April 24, 2007

DISCLAIMER: The story you are about to hear is true. To protect the identity of the racist and owner of the bed, names have been changed.

GUEST POP by Loryn: My favorite memory of the Chinatown bus occurred a few years ago when BLANK and I were taking the bus up together to visit John in New York for New Year's. We were seated on the bus, adjusted our belongings and sat back for the trip. BLANK then said to me, "I'm scared, I've never taken the Chinatown bus before. I heard they get into lots of accidents because Asians got bad peripheal vision!" [said: LOUDLY]. I look up to see all of the Asians with their bad "peripheal" vision looking back at us and had to chuckle.

Another great story from that weekend was that BLANK saved me from getting a load blown on my face while I was passed out on OTHER BLANK's bed. Some fat girl was giving head to some random guy in the room I had passed out in about a foot from my face. Luckily, BLANK saw the outlines of this movement through the curtains on the door's window and ran in there, forcing them up and out! Thank you BLANK!

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hahahaha! Remember Jenny in the bathroom? i wanted to write about that, but, ahem, it was maybe too raunchy....

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