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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just before the holidays we hosted a Secret Santa gift exchange for our friends.

On our fridge there is a grocery list that I use quite often. It has an old photograph of a cat and a little girl sharing a milkshake - very cute. This week, I tore off a page to discover that one of our guests had been scribbling away during the party, leaving little insights behind:

grocery list

page 18

Don't forget!
Used condoms also make great sandwich bags!
P.S. For Work!

page 19
=) (smiley face)
Recycle your lube!

page 20
#12 - the way you fashion your cataract sunglasses as a bong!

page 21
Don't forget!:
#45 - keep a few sugar free diabetic candies in your pocket for a quick snack! They're delicious!

page 22
I <3>(heart) Irene

1) Fiber. Always fiber. Balanced & healthy diet. The plumbing will ensure a lifetime of happiness!

A friendly reminder from your friends from Metamucil

(three blank pages)

page 26

(nine blank pages)

page 36
It's Earth Day!
Do your part to recycle
Also don't forget to recycle your manure

Sponsored by your poop

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