Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Many college students, city folk, Asians, visiting tourists and cheap people know about the method of transportation known as The Chinatown Bus, which transports riders from Chinatown to Chinatown around the US.

Here on the East Coast, I have traveled on the mythical Chinatown bus from Philadelphia to Washington, DC and New York. You can get round-trip tickets as low as $20 -- this is the real deal my friends -- and the trip is often more convenient than driving, flying, Amtrak, regional rail, and Greyhound. All you have to do is go to the Chinatown of your choice, find the buses which are lined up on random street corners throughout the neighborhood, purchase a ticket from someone screaming at you about the next bus and the best deal (usually an old woman), hop on and then check with everyone already on the bus to make sure you are in fact on the right one because sometimes things get tricky, and off you go to the next Chinatown of your choice.

Is the Chinatown bus ring a legitimate business? Is it safe? Will you make it alive?

Yes. No. Maybe.

We here at The Pop Box have asked a group of like-minded friends (read: awesome) to recount their most memorable Chinatown bus experiences. Be on the look out for "Dragon Bus" guest blogs in the weeks to come. And while you're waiting, head on over to Wiki to read more about the buses in the news. With articles titled "Flames engulf Fung Wah bus in CT" and "Passengers Tell of Wild Bus Trip," we're sure you'll have a grand time. - The Pop Box

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