THE DRAGON BUS SERIES: An Interview with Pibian and Wamie

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pibian: Ok, so we were down in Maryland last year for Preakness. Before leaving for New York, we decide to get really high, and then Balls (that’s the name of their friend) drops us off in the outskirts of Baltimore Chinatown.

(editor’s note – ew)

Anyway, we get out of the car all dazed and we see this fried chicken place. I'd eyed it before when we arrived but didn't go in.

Wamie: Chester Fried Chicken.

Pibian: So we go in there and there's a big woman and this little man behind the counter.

Wamie: You know she gives it to him back there.

Pibian: So Wamie and I decide pick out two big drumsticks and potato wedges and wait outside for the Chinatown bus.

But instead a dirty little minivan pulls up to the curb and the driver starts waving and honking. We get in and nobody says anything.

So it’s just me and Wamie and the driver in the van. We’re eating the chicken and stinking up the car and driving along on the highway and don’t really know what’s going on.

All of the sudden, he pulls off the highway, opens up the door and tells us to get out.

Wamie: In a Bob Evan’s parking lot.

Pibian: But then the big Chinatown Bus pulls up.

Wamie: We were really stoned.

Pibian: And dirty.

- POP by J

UPDATE: From New York Magazine,
Penny-Pinching Peril - Chinatown's Cheap Bus Travel: A Troubled History


Saturday, June 23, 2007

We used to be in an after-school club called TRUE. That's Teaching Respect Understanding and Equality. We pretty much started it with a small group of other like-minded teenagers and we did lots of good work, I guess and having a club like that makes a pretty powerful statement.

But I'd say one of the things we were known for were Bake Sales. We had a lot of them. And I mean a lot. Same goes for the GSA. j. and I always enjoyed creating flyers and the like. Check out this one, which I might add, was actually approved by the Assistant Principal.

Now is that a plate with three little J's on it or a loaf of bread? I'm not quite sure...

Bake bake bake.
Money money money.
Party party party.

J's Commentary:

Actually, it was the Assistant-to-the Assistant Principal that approved it. The prehistoric secretary with a hairy face held up the flyer and read it just as it was written:

"True's baked.


That's nice."

And with a flourish of her rubber stamp, the picture of three little joints on a plate was approved to be hung all over our school.

She was like, “Oh, my God, I love you,” and everything was fine.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The other day, I received a mysterious giant white envelope in the mail from a well-known New York company. In it was an 11x17 color copy of this clipping about Parker Posey from New York Magazine, along with a note (written on quality company stationary) from Sir J, which read:

"Dearest E, This REALLY made me
think of you! XOXO - J"

I love everything about it. - POP by E by Way of J

Parker Posey, Actress

"The major celeb perk is being able to help out friends."

(Photo: Jake Chessum)

Nice bag.
It is, right? Marc Jacobs.

Did you have to pay for it?
No. Shhhh.

Is that the best part of being famous? The free stuff?
No, not really. The major celeb perk is being able to help out friends. Like the other day, my friend’s dog bit a girl on the street and the girl got so upset. She was totally freaking out, and she wanted to go to the emergency room and everything. She was stoned, you know? But then she recognized me, and it just changed the whole temperature of things. She was like, “Oh, my God, I love you,” and everything was fine. That’s what’s good about being a celebrity.

By Amy Larocca