SCHOOL DAZE: Best Candy Gram Ever

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our glorious high school always had fun ideas for entertaining the kiddies. During the holidays, you could buy Candy Grams and have them delivered to your friends during homeroom. Boy, what an exciting time it was! I would pay to be a fly on the wall way back when just to witness my reaction to this delightful Candy Gram from Blair and J.

What does it all mean???

PS: If you’re from outer space, you might not know that B.O.C. stands for Bride of Chucky. There was a girl in my homeroom who looked just like the B.O.C., hence her nickname. She was a real character. You’ll be learning more about her soon enough!

PSS: Word to the wise, word bubbles read: "Check out my new chucky watch" and "I wanna live in It'ly" - POP by E

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