Thursday, March 29, 2007

I used to really like Snapple. You could say, obsessively. When I was in middle school, I worked at a bagel shop in a local farmers market. We sold Snapple and I drank it like water. I even wore a hip Snapple bomber jacket that we got for free.

I thought that someday, I would meet “The Snapple Lady” AKA Wendy Kaufman. I had a grand plan: I started saving the labels from the bottles and the caps, with the intention to some day build something so cool that it would get me a spot in one of Wendy’s commercials. Sadly, I never did get to meet Wendy, but a friend of mine did and he got me this autographed picture AND a bobble-head doll. It turns out Wendy thinks I’m the “best stuff on earth” too!

Oh and if you’re wondering what ever happened to Wendy, get this. According to Wikipedia, she was unceremoniously fired from the company in 1994 when Snapple was sold to Quaker Oats (douche bags). We then lived for three years without her until she was reinstated in 1997 when the company was sold yet again. More recently, you may have seen her on Celebrity Fit Club (twice) and also heard about her new business venture, Wendy Wear – “Fit for A Queen Size.” Yes, it’s activewear for plus-size women.

Wendy says, “Just because I like to eat, doesn’t mean I should be destined to a lifetime of wearing sequined pumpkins and appliqu├ęd kites on my clothing.”
You go girl! - POP by E

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