Morons This Is Not a Trash Can for the Lazy

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's been a long time since I've posted anything, which is not to say that I haven't been blogging per say. In fact, I've become quite the blog reader. See below a favorite from the Philadelphia City Paper blog, The Clog. I was certainly amused by the post. But seriously, I hate trash and litter. And anyone breaking the law should be reported! Still funny though. More to come soon. I've been stockpiling hilarity. POP by E
Not a trashcan. - Photo by Chad Willenborg

Reader (and runner up in last year’s fiction contest) Chad Willenborg sends us the above photo. The sign reads: "Morons, This is not a trash can for the lazy."

I wasn’t sure to whom I might send such a photo, but I thought you guys might find it interesting. My pic isn’t the best, but, man, there are lasagne-like layers of irony in this one. Around 20th and Jackson in South Philly…


Chad Willenborg

Thanks, Chad!

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