Saturday, June 23, 2007

We used to be in an after-school club called TRUE. That's Teaching Respect Understanding and Equality. We pretty much started it with a small group of other like-minded teenagers and we did lots of good work, I guess and having a club like that makes a pretty powerful statement.

But I'd say one of the things we were known for were Bake Sales. We had a lot of them. And I mean a lot. Same goes for the GSA. j. and I always enjoyed creating flyers and the like. Check out this one, which I might add, was actually approved by the Assistant Principal.

Now is that a plate with three little J's on it or a loaf of bread? I'm not quite sure...

Bake bake bake.
Money money money.
Party party party.

J's Commentary:

Actually, it was the Assistant-to-the Assistant Principal that approved it. The prehistoric secretary with a hairy face held up the flyer and read it just as it was written:

"True's baked.


That's nice."

And with a flourish of her rubber stamp, the picture of three little joints on a plate was approved to be hung all over our school.


We were bold teens, weren't we.

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